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Bòunyadej Q. Sànanikone is the descendant of Prime Minister of The Royal Lao Government, Phoui Sànanikone, the first Laotian Politician to have held multiple positions from Prime Ministership to Foreign Affairs Minister. The legendary Sànanikone family is often referred to as the Rockefellers and the Kennedys of Laos. They are having to own various businesses stemming from pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and real estate. With his enthusiastic personality, warrior physique, and regular dances, Bounyadej Q. Sananikone, is a rising star in the New York City real estate scene. As the founder of The SANANIKONE Group, a real estate team that focuses on superior advertisements, specifically in real estate, Q disrupts the way buyers and sellers interact and how properties are being advertised. Q, as he is commonly known, started in real estate early. He grew up in a real estate family and learned the business. He has been working in one of the most competitive markets – Asia. Q has experience in both the principal and sales sides in real estate. On the top side, he worked as an analyst in Norasing Capital Management, one of the largest privately-held real estate companies in Laos.
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