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About Bòunyadej Q. Sànanikone

Bòunyadej Q. Sànanikone is the great-grandchild of Prime Minister of The Royal Lao Government, Phoui Sànanikone, the first Laotian Politician to have held multiple positions from Prime Ministership to Foreign Affairs Minister. The legendary Sànanikone family is often referred to as the Rockefellers and the Kennedys of Laos. They are having to own various businesses stemming from pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and real estate.

Following his family’s business footsteps, Q came to New York City to pursue his career in Real Estate. Having a background in Risk-Adjusted Investments as a licensed Accredited Investment Professional from Adagio Group, an investment company that focuses on real estate.

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Family Timeline

The Sananikone family is an influential aristocratic family in Laos that had various businesses stemming from pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and real estate. In present times, the family operates in Finance, Government, Medicine, and various sophisticated fields.


Norasing Family – Luang Prabang Trading Import-Export Limited No. 7 (LPB) is the first entity of Norasing Group. The company focused on importing and exporting automotive and machine parts that support agriculture and real estate construction.


Inxythong Tractor Co., LTD is a company specializing in selling agricultural equipment such as tractors, balers, combines, plows, and more to landowners in Laos.


Mr. Sananikone’s family founds Inxythong Construction Co., LTD (Norasing Real Estate Development) as a real estate development company. Projects include vast US-funded OHDACA projects, private-public infrastructure developments, and the most recent is the Gargantuan Buddha Statue in Xieng Khouang Province, Laos.


Isuzu Lao VSA Co., LTD – Mr. Sananikone’s family brought Isuzu to Laos, knowing that it is still under-developed. Seeing the need for heavy-duty automobiles in an under-developed country, the family got the heavy-duty brand into Laos. Now, not only Mr. Sananikone’s family has showrooms in the major cities (Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Savannakhet, Champasak). The family has Isuzu manufacturing factories in the southern regions as well.


SNP Microfinance (Norasing Capital Management) – is set up as a lending and real estate investment firm specializing in first collateralized loans.

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As the world leaned towards a digital direction, things like technology, social media strategy & marketing, and brand became crucial assets to list and sell million-dollar properties. The Sànanikone Group paid heed to the new direction and built itself to become a technologically sophisticated, data-driven company coupled with luxury marketing skills.

The Sànanikone Group believes each property, neighborhood, and inch of New York City must have its own story. When a concept is created, it eliminates the need for third-party branding, marketing and design effort. With a veteran team of experts, they strategize, bespoke, and produce the necessary online. Using their sui generis distribution network ensures their clients’ property is showcased to its superior potential.

Bòunyadej Q. Sànanikone’s goal is to become the number one broker in New York City and expand his network throughout the United States’ major cities. He also sees his expansion reaching other major cities in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Today, Bòunyadej is focused on expanding The Sànanikone Group in the United States with a heavy focus on New Development Verticle Residential Communities.

Taking advantage of technology, new-gen real estate marketer Q is taking real estate property marketing to a whole new level by tapping into the social media buzz. With over 30,000 Instagram followers and 90,000 interactions, Q. Sananikone has successfully transformed his social media platform into a real estate marketing business. His real estate business brand, The Sananikone Group, also has an enviable 10,000 Instagram followers, resulting in a dual real estate marketing platform.

Sànanikone's goal is to make real estate buying decisions a lot easier and more fun for the players. His ability to blend traditional finance and complex risk-adjusted returns to make purchases happen and go smoothly is one of the rarest skills in the industry. With his team, he translates raw data and risk-adjusted return metrics to amaze buyers, strike a connection, and get them to buy.

His enthusiastic personality, warrior physique, and regular dances, Bounyadej Q. Sananikone is a rising star in the New York City real estate scene. As the founder of The SANANIKONE Group, a real estate team that focuses on superior advertisements, specifically in real estate, Q disrupts the way buyers and sellers interact and how properties are being advertised.


Watch the behind the scenes of my life in NYC, MASSIVE property tours, and how I strive for success every day.

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